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From Exchange Daily:

Stuart Corner

12 March 2009

Wholesale VoIP and IP service provider, Symbio Networks is aiming to be the largest aggregator of SIP traffic in Australia and a major player in the Asia Pacific region.


Symbio provides wholesale VoIP services to a number of retail providers, the most high profile of which is the related company MyNetFone. Alastair Slattery, Symbio's wholesale manager told ExchangeDaily that the company's goal was to become the largest aggregator of SIP traffic in Australia and a major regional player.


As a SIP aggregator Symbio takes VoIP calls as IP traffic from VoIP service providers and delivers these into the PSTN in Australia and to overseas destinations and is also responsible for delivering calls from the PSTN into its VoIP service provider customers' IP networks.


Slattery said "The number of minutes we are terminating into Australia and overseas is now very significant." He told ExchangeDaily that traffic volumes on the Symbio network were growing by about 15 percent per month. "We believe we have the best quality network in Australia and we are trying to get a great envelope of traffic to maximise the use of our resources."


He said the company was planning to open a PoP in Asia by mid 2009 and was "looking at a couple of destinations." He added: "That will give us access to larger and more strategic customers...our goal is to have fewer strategic customers but to delver higher value to those customers."


Symbio's wholesale calling card platform

Symbio Networks' latest ploy to build traffic on its network is to launch a wholesale platform for prepaid calling cards.


It enables a calling card provider to focus on the sale and marketing of calling cards without needing any backend network infrastructure or card management systems. Slattery told ExchangeDaily that the company had made substantial capital investments to expand and upgrade the network infrastructure and back office systems to support the service.


He claimed that the platform was capable of delivering "a whole new generation of user-friendly features, operational and billing functionalities as well as different level of performance reporting."


"We provide all the [call] collection and termination, and while we are very competitive on termination rates, what we really provide is more feature and flexibility. We have software that supports multilingual IVR, in Cantonese, Mandarin and a couple of other languages...A lot of the calling card traffic is to South East Asia, China and India."


Slattery added that Symbio had built and operated calling card platforms for customers for a long time now and knew the market very well. "We have a proprietary billing system and we have developed a lot of features for those customers." He said that Symbio had so far signed up one customer for its wholesale service.


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