Tuesday 15 April 2008 @ 00:00

Presentation Title: VoIP - The Next wave

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Symbio Networks featured as a guest presenter at the CommsDay Summit 2008 (Preparing for the Gigabit Age) on April 15 and 16, 2008 at Sydney's Swishotel.

Symbio Networks' manager of business development, Alastair Slattery, used the presentation to discuss Symbio's take on the role of Fixed to Mobile Convgerence in the developing IP telecommunications environment.

A presentation synopsis is given below. 


Fixed VoIP

While VoIP has been around for over two decades, the service has really started to take off in the residential and enterprise segments in the last 5 years. VoIP has the potential to change the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) fixed voices.

Ovum, a leading market research firm in high tech, forecasts VoIP will make up 21 percent of fixed voice revenue in Australia by 2011. According to a report released by the Australian Communications & Media Authority, ACMA in December 2007, the Australian VoIP market is growing rapidly with the number of VoIP providers increasing from 27 to 269 between April and September 2007. The report quotes Market Clarity's forecast of a 237 per cent increase in internet-based VoIP subscribers between June 2007 (1.4 million) and June 2008 (4.8 million).

Wireless VoIP

The marriage of VoIP and wireless technology has gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years, with many industry experts believing it to be the next killer application to revolutionize the telecoms space. Currently, single mode Wi-Fi handsets are in use for wireless VoIP. Vonage of the US has begun selling phones that let its users access its service through either home or public Wi-Fi connections. The London based Skype now sells similar handsets that work with its service, freeing users from being tethered to either PCs or landline broadband links.

Juniper, a market research firm, predicts that dual-mode handsets - both cellular and wireless-VoIP enabled - will lead wi-fi VoIP sales, contributing around $68bn in revenue. The dual-mode handset market is in its infancy right now but the technology will revolutionise the wireless VoIP market. Dual-mode phones are currently offered by established mobile manufacturers Motorola and Nokia, along with Fujitsu, HP and NEC.

Fixed & Mobile Convergence, FMC

The vision of convergence is simple enough: When you are in range of a wireless LAN, you can make low-cost and/or rich media calls over IP; and when you're out of range, you can use the cellular network.  Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is the integration of wireline and wireless technologies and services to create a single network foundation and the convergence can occur at different points in the network.

The convergence is about tapping the explosive growth of wireless LAN and broadband access over recent years to bring "Internet economics" to mobile.