Symbio Signs WBA with NBN Co Wednesday 29 February 2012 @ 14:19

The Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA) has been finalised between the NBN Co and Symbio Networks and Symbio will shortly complete the accreditation process to become an NBN wholesale aggregator.

The NBN opens an entirely new phase in the communications market and Symbio proud to be part of the broadband revolution.


"This will allow us to offer a complete communications solution to our customers. As the leading Australian VoIP Wholesaler, we already have the expertise and experience in deploying managed services and wholesale VoIP, and this will really complete the picture for our customers," said Rene Sugo, Symbio Director.

The rollout of NBN will remove the access barrier of getting consistent, quality internet access to end-users for voice delivery. It will also even the playing field with major Telco's as all accredited companies will have equal access to the NBN services and be able to guarantee line & speed quality.

Combined with Symbio's market-leading, proprietary Number Porting system, our customers will be able to port their end-users phone numbers ‘into the cloud' and deliver all the feature-rich functionality and flexibility of a new-generation IP solution over a reliable access link. We anticipate this will significantly improve the user experience of the IP services and lead to unprecedented rate of increase in IP communications take-up.

Symbio aims to release details of services and pricing for NBN carriage in the next couple of months - look out for it in upcoming newsletters.