Symbio's API: Placing Control in Your Hands Thursday 03 November 2016 @ 15:25

 Delivering quality service is the benchmark of what a carrier must do compete in the wholesale market. However, we’re not content with the status quo. Instead of following industry trends, we prefer to make them.

As an industry leader in the Australian wholesale voice market, Symbio is the new-generation carrier of choice. We don’t only deliver good service, we empower our customers. We go that one step further to provide the tools for our customers to increase operational capacity and deliver services faster.

25% of parent company MNF’s headcount is dedicated to research & development through our Platforms and Networks team. It’s these brilliant minds that are perfecting our APIs to give end-users direct access to Symbio’s suite of services.

API enables providers to plug-in service control functionality directly in their own portals. This means their staff no longer have to be the middle-man manually handling customer requests and raising them in the wholesale systems. The result - end-users benefit from much faster provisioning times, and provider overheads are significantly reduced.

Currently API functionality includes pre-select, override and local number porting and account-related information like balances and usage, with more features coming soon.

For Symbio, it’s not enough just to have a horse in the race, we’re determined to lead it. Learn more about Symbio’s solutions for wholesalers or contact our sales team online.