Symbio’s Michelle Lim Chair of Commpete Thursday 28 June 2018 @ 08:12

Symbio General Manager of Industry & Government Relations, Michelle Lim, is chair of Commpete, an alliance of challenger retail service providers in the Australian telco market.

Commpete, formerly known as the Competitive Carriers’ Coalition (CCC), has been the leading voice for competition in the Australian communications industry since 2001. It stands for the non-dominant telecommunications carriers in Australia and provides a forum for members to present a unified voice on issues which are important to the future of the industry. Members include a spectrum of communications businesses advocating pro-competition policy and regulation.

“I am honoured to take the helm of Commpete as it enters a new era promoting fair competition and a healthy wholesale telecommunications market under the NBN industry model,” Michelle Lim says.


“Commpete is committed to making the case for policy and regulation that maximises competition. We believe the independent businesses at infrastructure and retail levels are crucial to safeguard the interests of both consumers and business.”

The CCC was officially relaunched as Commpete at the CommsDay Summit 2018. Lim opened the conference with her keynote speech, calling for challenger RSPs to campaign for real competition as Commpete aims to grow the market share of companies outside the top 3 in fixed and mobile markets from 12% to 30%. As it’s the smaller agile players that promote innovation, develop new technology and encourages new business, jobs and competition.

Commpete is a hugely important part of the Australian telecommunications landscape and we’re proud to have a member of the Symbio team advocating for competition in the industry.

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