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Toll Fraud Year in Review Tuesday 09 December 2014 @ 13:44

Coming into the festive season, most carriers have toll fraud high on their list of concerns. Estimated losses from global toll fraud amount to $46.3 billion a year (2013 Global Fraud Loss Survey, CFCA).

Almost a year ago, Symbio took the concern and turned it into action. Our in-house R&D team took on the challenge to develop a smarter, more intuitive toll fraud detection and blocking mechanism. Symbio added this feature to our SIP Trunk service at no extra cost, giving our customers greater peace of mind with this extra protection measure.

So how did it go?

To date, the Symbio toll fraud monitor has raised 262 Block Alarms, triggering automatic blocking of over 700,000 calls to 43 routing location groups across 36 countries. Huge numbers - huge toll fraud savings.

What we learnt

It is unpredictable. Some fraud attempts involve a few calls, others involve thousands. Some months are low-fraud, some are high. Trying to keep up with each new iteration of threats is impossible.

That's why Symbio's smart toll fraud monitor is so effective - it does the hard work of analysing and blocking in real time.

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