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Real-time toll fraud protection to save telcos millions Friday 31 July 2015 @ 10:00

Toll fraud on your network might seem like a cost of doing business in the telco world. But it doesn't have to be.

Global cost of toll fraud

The total value of global toll fraud losses was US $46.3 billion in 2013, according to The Communications Fraud Control Association. For the big carriers, it's a significant revenue loss. For smaller players, it can cripple or even bankrupt the business.

To combat fraud effectively requires real-time identification and blocking - something the neither telcos nor software specialists had yet been able to crack, until now.

TollShield toll fraud detection & blocking for wholesale voice carriers

New-generation SaaS solution

True to our innovation-focused heritage, Symbio took on the challenge and developed the world’s first SaaS toll-fraud mitigation platform, TollShield. The only solution on the market able to detect and block toll fraud in real-time.

A patent-pending SaaS solution that can be deployed in any provider’s network, TollShield works in real-time to detect and block fraud as it is happening. Since fraud continuously evolves, TollShield also self-learns to respond to new kinds of fraud techniques, matching fraudsters step-for-step.

As any service provider knows, although toll fraud is usually caused by a phone user’s failure to secure their router, it is typically the operator that carries the main financial loss. This risk is especially acute for the growing number of Tier 2 carriers and Voice providers, where ad hoc fraud monitoring means rich pickings for global toll fraud syndicates.

Symbio network protection

Tested on our own network for a full year, TollShield has blocked over 600,000 fraudulent calls across 83 destinations, surpassing the already robust previous protection mechanisms.

This new-generation fraud protection automatically covers all Symbio wholesale customers, providing the peace of mind that all traffic routed over the Symbio network is automatically monitored for fraud.

Available on your network

How effective is your network's fraud protection? If you want to ensure optimal protection for your network & customers, TollShield can be deployed on any provider's network, without effecting existing network setup.

It can be rapidly deployed and scaled via a series of network probes, centrally managed by SaaS. Each probe is capable of parsing fraud in one billion calls per hour with no impact on call setup. If fraud is detected network operations staff receive a real-time alert, containing a ‘snapshot’ pinpointing the incident, with an online Command Center portal available for full reporting & analytics.

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