Thursday 30 November 2006 @ 00:00

Offers VoIP service providers PSTN independence


Symbio Networks has launched a VoIP peering platform set to revolutionise the communications industry. Located at Equinix, the Symbio platform will provide Telstra network independence for Australian VoIP service providers.

Symbio has more than 100,000 SIP end-points accessible and welcomes interest from those providers looking to set new standards in service and quality. Already looking to trial the platform are engin, MyNetFone and ISPhone with others expected to sign on in the near future.

A massive industry in the US and Europe, VoIP peering in Australia is set to grow exponentially with the growth of VoIP providers.

According to Symbio Networks, Director, Rene Sugo, VoIP peering will drive the future success of VoIP and Symbio is excited to be the platform for this ground-breaking network of the future.

"Large scale VoIP peering is complex and setting up the Symbio platform is the result of many man-hours of development by a highly skilled team of professionals. It has been necessary to overcome challenges in areas such as protocol compatibility, provisioning, numbering, security, quality, privacy and billing and settlement," he said.

The VoIP peering exchange connection is free with a 3 cent per answered call session charge.

Symbio Networks also offers high end transit and other VoIP services from the same location.