Scalable Voice Carriage for Contact Centres & BPOs Thursday 26 November 2015 @ 13:17

Cut out the middle-man. Contact centres and BPO operators now have the opportunity to take control of their call delivery with direct access to Australia's largest IP voice network.

Global Voice Termination and Numbering for calls to Australia & New Zealand can be 'insourced' with flexible Contact Centre solutions delivered over an established Tier 1 national network.

High-burst flexibility

Unpredictable traffic peaks from high-intensity call campaigns can challenge even experienced operators. Symbio makes it easy with Voice Burst. A high-availability low-contention voice connection, it is specifically engineered to sustain massive peaks.

Call Centre & BPO voice carriage provider 

This powerful service can be scaled, as needed, to sustain multiple lines, multiple locations and longer traffic peaks. All while maintaining premium quality and absolute reliability.

Clever routing

With Symbio, inbound and outbound carriage is automatically optimised to reduce cost and maximise quality. This delicate balance is achieved through a proprietary Global Routing System (GRS) which leverages 300,000+ hosted endpoints, and global interconnects, to ensure that every call is originated and terminated by the most efficient path.

Local and Toll Free numbers

Provide a dedicated point of contact for Australian or New Zealand customers with local toll free numbers (13, 1300 or 1800) that route calls to International contact centre locations. Or for local operations, use a custom local Dialling Plan to distribute large blocks of Australian or New Zealand DIDs across your organisation. Existing phone numbers can also be ported onto the Symbio Network for easy management in the cloud.

Established Tier 1 network

High-volume calling requires a rock-solid foundation. Symbio's fully interconnected network covers 100% of Australia and New Zealand, with global interconnects delivering traffic into the region. This carrier-grade infrastructure already underpins major Asia-Pacific call centres - delivering Billions of Voice minutes per annum.

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