Wholesale NBN, the way it should be Thursday 15 October 2015 @ 13:00

The roll-out of the NBN is ramping up fast, and there are more opportunities than ever for ISPs to reach new customers and increase their market share. But how do you make that happen?

With 121 NBN points of interconnect, the business case simply does not stack up for small or even mid-size providers to meet NBN directly. Reaching all 121 POIs is problematic enough, compounded by the further obstacle of prohibitive backhaul costs and a CVC model stuck in the past.

NBN is supposed to be all about a level playing field, but the commercial reality for most providers is reselling one of the big Telcos (again), or does it?

One interconnect, all of Australia

NBN Wholesale Aggregation with iBoss

The solution is elegant in its simplicity - skip the 121 problems and leverage a specialised aggregation platform via just 1 point of interconnect and a flat fee with iBoss. This makes NBN accessible to all providers and removes the uncertainty of usage-based costs (CVC/AGVC). So you can focus on creating a value proposition that caters to the modern customer. That's the commercial model NBN should have been.

However, an aggregation platform should be more than just a funnel for data connectivity. "To compete in the current market, Telcos have to develop compelling offers that target market niches that the incumbents cannot reach. Combining NBN with new-generation SIP voice services, and helping consumers make a full transition to IP is certainly a major differentiator," suggests Jon Cleaver, CCO of Symbio-parent MyNetFone Group.

Finding a point of difference

This powerful NBN & SIP combination, together with advanced number porting, is available on the industry-proven iBoss aggregation platform, powered by Symbio. Both new market entrants and existing operators can expand their market offering and gain a competitive advantage while retaining the freedom to mix & match services. The powerful aggregation platform facilitates quick and clean market entry with your choice of solutions from multiple carriers.

It's not just about a 'big dumb pipe' - the iBoss team have the expertise and experience in the telecommunications market to develop tried and tested products, and can provide consultation in creating tailored products and plans that best suit the needs of your end-customers.

To find out more about NBN aggregation on the iBoss platform, speak to your Symbio account manager or enquire online.



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