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What it will take to succeed in wholesale in 2019
Symbio CCO, Jon Cleaver shares his view on value creation in 2019

APIs made easier than ever
Integrating Symbio APIs have been made simple with our API Developer Zone

Network Reinvestment Leads to New Partnership with Juniper 
We're continually looking for new ways to form the framework that will support the ongoing technological evolution

Meet our Head of Software Engineering, Dion Beetson.

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What it will take to succeed in wholesale in 2019


With the addition of Telcoinabox, 2019 is about being a platform for value creation according to CCO, Jon Cleaver.

Symbio’s wholesale differentiation has always stemmed from empowering our customers. We are in the wholesale market, not because we are forced to, but because we want to. This has flowed through our years of continued investment in creating value for this segment.

The large incumbents are now in extreme cost cutting mode, whereas we have created a platform for our customers to create their own value. While most of our attention is on long term product changes and leading the fight for regulatory reform, 2019 still has many immediate opportunities for you.

Wholesale mobility

I can’t mention 2019 and mobile in the same sentence without mentioning 5G. The media war between the large carriers is just clouding the real issue of restrictions on MVNOs in Australia. Andy Penn has already bluntly stated that wholesale is intentionally kept one step behind.

At Symbio, we understand that mobile is key for our customers in 2019. We take MNO's restrictive mobile offerings and provide them in a manner which you can digest. This gives you the power to specialise and differentiate through service and support.

Global trends show that our MVNO market is in its infancy and this is where the real market realignment will happen. So whether you are looking to scale your brand or add mobile to your product suite, our Telcoinabox and iBoss platforms can help support you.

NBN may be a necessary evil, but you can find value in hosted voice

With the end of DSL, PSTN and ISDN, you certainly need a plan. But it’s pretty clear you will not be able to replace these margins just with NBN. The value lies in the more contextual communication of voice and SMS.

With many new cloud-based services coming into the market, it is more important than ever to ensure you have an established voice suite ready to go. The good news is many of the wholesale customers I speak to have already invested heavily here. Some just require a few components as building blocks for their products and others are simply after a full turnkey solution. With the combined Telcoinabox & Symbio suite of voice products, you can take everything from numbers and end points, managed SIP trunks with voice bundles, to a full private labelled PBX solution in our ConnectYou range.

This is the platform for value creation that we are excited for in 2019.

Differentiation with automation through APIs

APIs drive efficiencies and are fundamental for technological change. But while incumbent telcos love talking about APIs, they are still reluctant to give end-users too much control.

At Symbio, we have been an early adopter of APIs in the telco space, as we believe in placing control in your hands. We have continued to invest our time in making our APIs easier for you to use.

With the release of the API Developer Zone, you will now have access to live documentation to simplify the integration process. With the increased accessibility of our API platform, we enable you to utilise your innovations and ensure you maximise your value.

Investment will continue locally with our multi-million dollar next generation network expansion. This is followed by our release of new countries with the completion of New Zealand network, Singapore well on its way and more to be announced shortly.

We are committed to remaining the wholesale provider of choice and will continue our investment to ensure our customers stay ahead.


API Developer Zone makes integration easy


Symbio has long been providing APIs as tools to increase your operational capacity and deliver services faster. But we admit the first generation of APIs were not always the easiest to deploy.

The new API Developer Zone is now here to take the headache out of integration. It will be the single source of truth in regards to documentation about APIs.

Any changes to our API documentation will be updated live and in real-time. This means you will always have access to the most up-to-date resources. We will continue to grow this platform to become an API portal so that you can access all your API needs in one place. More features will be coming online soon.

Learn More

Network reinvestment leads to new partnership with Juniper


Following a new partnership with Juniper Networks, Symbio will reinvest into its national MPLS network to further position itself as the one-to-beat in the Australian wholesale market. Our wholesale customers are continually innovating, and as market leaders, Symbio creates an environment that enables ingenuity.

With globalisation transforming the world, there’s more data being transferred than ever. That’s why now is the right time to boost forward that trajectory, as we lay the trackwork for our customers’ future success.

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  Staff Profile: Dion Beetson      

What is your role at Symbio?

I am the Head of Software Engineering and I'm responsible for ensuring our software and systems are stable, secured and that we are continuing to adopt some of the great new technologies coming into the market.

What do you love about it?

Having the responsibility and ability to evolve our engineering practices and culture to be some of the best in the world.

What about life before joining our wonderful team?

I have been leading software development teams and building strong engineering cultures throughout a range of different industries and technology stacks. My career has been focused around building global scalability into existing and new technology platforms at companies like NewsCorp & William Hill.


What do you do to kick back & relax?

Running to clear the mind, and coding away on some of the software bots I have built.

One rule to live by?

Always ensure your teams understand the context and purpose in what they do, then trust them to collectively develop an amazing solution.


Branding update in the Symbio Customer Portal


If you use the Symbio customer portal, you may notice a change to the header banner in the next few days to bring the branding up to date. The functionality will remain exactly the same, the only change is the header image.

Before After
Old Customer Portal New Customer Portal 





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