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Symbio News: February 2016


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Symbio's parent MNF Group plans to invest in its wholesale networks following another half year of strong growth.

iBoss has helped fast-track a new mobile service to market, helping disadvantaged Australians access affordable mobile phone plans.

Symbio has joined the fight against Telstra, hoping to promote fair competition for the industry.

Symbio Networks is proud to be the Gold sponsor of the Telecommunications and Broadband Summit.

And meet Symbio's Product Manager, Grace Huang.

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Continued growth trajectory for MNF Group

Symbio’s parent MNF Group has delivered another half year of strong growth, with revenue up 177% to $84 million for H1 FY16.
The success is attributed to a combination of strong organic growth among MNF Group’s companies, and contribution from the TNZI global wholesale network, acquired in April 2015.

The company now plans to invest in increasing the capacity and presence of its global voice network, and exporting home-grown Symbio innovations to the world via TNZI.

Global Expansion

As part of the network upgrade, TNZI finalised expansion of its point of presence (PoP) in the United Kingdom last year and was granted a carrier license in the United States in December 2015. The network also plans to establish another PoP in Hong Kong with commissioning expected to begin in May 2016.


While the Group now operates across multiple international offices, the Symbio team remains Australian-based and focused on in-house innovation. Meanwhile, Symbio’s international customers stand to benefit from a global network operations centre.

Ongoing Innovation

MNF Group has its own research and development capabilities and intellectual property that has allowed it to stay ahead of the pack in the telecoms industry. The Group, along with Symbio Networks, embrace new service models to create software assets like SaaS toll fraud mitigation, wholesale aggregation and MVNO.

iBoss Fast-Tracks Mobile Service for Disadvantaged Australians

Symbio Network’s iBoss platform has helped fast-track a new mobile service to market. Better Life Mobile provides disadvantaged and low income Australians with affordable mobile phone plans.

iBoss delivered an order and service management platform which was integrated with Better Life Mobile’s billing platform and mobile network operator. The collaboration allowed the new service to be accelerated to market and available to those in need.

Market Diversity

With the entry of supermarket mobile contenders and specialised start-ups, like Better Life Mobile, the Australian market is becoming more diverse, creating opportunities for organisations from non-telco backgrounds. However, the problem these new carriers face is the lack of ready-to-use retail systems. New entrants need to either build a complete platform themselves at high expense, or integrate their systems with an industry-proven order and service management platform like iBoss.


CEO of Symbio parent MNF Group, Rene Sugo, believes the partnership also gave the new mobile operator better preparation for immediate and future expenses.

“By partnering with iBoss, Better Life Mobile had predictable CAPEX from the start as well as knowing what their ongoing OPEX will be,” he said.

iBoss is a modular platform that gives operators the choice of aggregation, billing, order and service management capabilities – or a full end-to-end solution. Find out more about iBoss capabilities.


Symbio Networks Supports Industry in Fight against Telstra

Australian Telcos have united to back the ACCC in a court battle against industry giant Telstra. Symbio Networks, along with four other providers, have joined the lawsuit in hopes of promoting fair competition for the industry.

This forms part of Symbio’s ongoing commitment advocate in behalf of our customers and other small service providers, to promote change and increased competition. Our goal is to create increased opportunities for providers of all sizes, level the playing field and support a healthy, diverse telecoms industry. 

Event Recap

At the heart of the lawsuit is Telstra’s request for the ACCC’s ruling on fixed line rate reductions to be overruled.


The ACCC found that Telstra was overcharging its wholesale partners and decided to reduce fixed line rates by 9.4%.

Telstra had initially requested a 7.2 percent hike in charges to compensate for the loss of business to the NBN. Upon review the consumer watchdog found that not only was the increase unfounded, but the current pricing was too high.

The ACCC argued that Telstra is being adequately compensated for any loss of business with the $11.2 billion agreement it signed with the government for its copper and fibre optic networks.

The price reduction was implemented on 1 November 2015 and will remain until 30 June 2019 if Telstra’s appeal is unsuccessful.


Gold Sponsor at New Zealand Telco Summit

Symbio Networks is proud to be the Gold sponsor of the Telecommunications and Broadband Summit, on 1-2 March, 2016. The inaugural two-day event will be held at the rendezvous hotel in Auckland with an impressive list of speakers from both carriers and government.

CCO of Symbio parent MNF Group, Jon Cleaver, is speaking at the event and will be discussing why a truly competitive wholesale market is key to a thriving telco industry.

Symbio and sister-company iBoss will have a stand at the event so don’t forget to stop by for a chat with the team if you’re attending.

Find out more about the Telecommunications & Broadband Summit.


Staff Profile: Grace Huang, Product Manager - Data

1. What is your role at Symbio?
Product Manager – Data. I am responsible for the full product life cycle of data services that Symbio offers to our customers.

2. What do you love about it? 
Having the opportunity to bring innovative, flexible and robust products, services and processes to fulfill and exceed customer expectations, working with internal and external stakeholders to maximise my team’s contribution to business objectives. 

3. What about life before joining our wonderful team?
Prior to this role, I was a Product Manager at United Technologies, Siemens Communications and Acxiom, travelling around metropolitan cities to explore the world and identify the opportunities. I am very proud of how the products and services I developed changed people’s lives, even just a little. 

4. What do you do to kick back & relax?

Travelling, swimming, bushwalking in Australian national parks and watching beautiful flowers grow, just like growing my products, full of fun.


5. One rule to live by?

Truly appreciate everything I have and keep my mind open to new opportunities and experience. Welcome changes and surprises.






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