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Symbio Newsletter - June 2018




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Symbio's Michelle Lim, is chair of Commpete. The alliance of challenger retail service providers in the Australian telco market.

You may have noticed an increase of regulatory information you received lately. Our aim is to guide you through the regulatory minefield so you never get caught out.

CeBIT has come and gone for another year. Thanks to those who came out and said hi to the team.

There's never a one-size-fits-all solution for every customer. Symbio offers choice as we transition to collaborative services.

Meet General Manager of Industry & Government Relations, Michell Lim.

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Symbio’s Michelle Lim Chair of Commpete


Symbio General Manager of Industry & Government Relations, Michelle Lim, is chair of Commpete, an alliance of challenger retail service providers in the Australian telco market.

Commpete, formerly known as the Competitive Carriers’ Coalition (CCC), was officially relaunched as Commpete at the CommsDay Summit 2018.

Lim opened the conference with her keynote speech, calling for challenger RSPs to campaign for real competition as Commpete aims to grow the market share of companies outside the top 3 in fixed and mobile markets from 12% to 30%.

As it’s the smaller agile players that promote innovation, develop new technology and encourages new business, jobs and competition.



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Navigating the Legislation Minefield


Symbio customers may have noticed an increase of regulatory information received from your Account Managers of late. Our aim is to be completely transparent with our customers, and we do this by remaining on the front foot when it comes to new and changing regulatory legislation.

Each wholesaler makes its own decision internally what information they choose to share with their customers, and it’s Symbio’s approach to keep you up to date with all regulatory matters, so you never receive any nasty surprises.

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CeBIT 2018


Thanks to all of those customers who visited us at CeBIT 2018.
The Symbio team were demonstrating the capability of the iBoss platform over all three days of the event in Sydney.

In particular they were showcasing its Mobile Enablement Platform, which allows any brand to become a Mobile Service Provider and the NBN Enablement platform, helping smaller telcos take their slice of the NBN pie.

The extended Symbio team have been extremely busy developing and perfecting the suite of iBoss services and it’s great to receive such positive feedback from those in the industry. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.


Enabling the Transition to Collaborative Services


The telco world is moving towards collaborative services, a workspace that integrates IP communications, voice, data and collaboration products and services into the one unified system. Symbio is enabling that change.

It’s a two pronged approach: Invest in developing innovative and competitive technology and then work with our partners to develop targeted solutions tailored for their business.

We fit our customers, so you can offer something slightly managed or the full blown suite.

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Staff Profile: Michelle Lim


1. What is your role at Symbio?

I'm responsible for leading Symbio's engagement with suppliers, industry associations and government bodies.
This includes:

• managing the strategic procurement of telecommunications service and network equipment; and

• representing the organisation for regulatory, policy and pricing matters.

2. What do you love about it?

The great team and good energy. Staying focused on buying well and mixing things up to create value. The ability to influence and debate regulatory policy where it matters. Being part of a company that is well-established and experienced, yet retains an entrepreneurial culture as one of the leaders in the mid-size market.

3. What about life before joining our wonderful team?

I have 17 years experience working in a commercial capacity in the telecommunications sector.

My previous roles were at Macquarie Telecom, Commander Communications and PowerTel. My background spans the international and domestic markets and I have considerable knowledge in both retail and wholesale environments.


4. What do you do to kick back & relax? 

I love skiing, yoga and people watching. Weekend hideaways in beautiful places. And seeing my two kids loving learning, and living their lives with a smile.

5. One rule to live by?

Go all out for the things that really matter. Stay true to yourself and respect others.










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