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The commercial reality of NBN is proving less rosy for small and mid-sized telcos. So how can the industry overcome the 121 POI dilemma? 

Data might be the hot topic, but Voice is also raising questions with the recent ACMA & INMS changes. We look at what the real implications are for the average ISP.

Meet our team at the CommsDay Summit in Melbourne this October. Plus, get to know the Product Team Manager Sean Barkley in this instalment of the Staff Profiles.

Read on to find out more.

Wholesale NBN, the way it should be

The roll-out of the NBN is ramping up fast, there are more opportunities than ever for ISPs to reach new customers and increase their market share. But how do you make that happen?

With 121 NBN points of interconnect, the business case simply does not stack up for small or even mid-size providers to meet NBN directly. Reaching all 121 POIs is problematic enough, compounded by the further obstacle of prohibitive backhaul costs and a CVC model stuck in the past.

NBN is supposed to be all about a level playing field, but the commercial reality for most providers is either reselling one of the big Telcos (again), or does it?

One interconnect, all of Australia

iBoss NBN & SIP Trunking wholesale aggregation 

The solution is elegant in its simplicity - skip the 121 problems and leverage a specialised aggregation platform via just 1 point of interconnect and a flat fee. This makes NBN accessible to all providers and removes the uncertainty of usage-based costs (CVC/AGVC). So you can focus on creating a value proposition that caters to the modern customer. That's the commercial model NBN should have been.

However, an aggregation platform should be more than just a funnel for data connectivity. "To compete in the current market, Telcos have to develop compelling offers that target market niches that the incumbents cannot reach. Combining NBN with new-generation SIP voice services, and helping consumers make a full transition to IP is certainly a major differentiator," suggests Jon Cleaver, CCO of Symbio-parent MyNetFone Group.

Finding a point of difference

This powerful NBN & SIP combination, together with advanced number porting, is available on the industry-proven iBoss aggregation platform, powered by Symbio. Both new market entrants and existing operators can expand their market offering and gain a competitive advantage while retaining the freedom to mix & match services. The powerful aggregation platform facilitates quick and clean market entry with your choice of solutions from multiple carriers.

It's not just about a 'big dumb pipe' - the iBoss team have the expertise and experience in the telecommunications market to develop tried and tested products, and can provide consultation in creating tailored products and plans that best suit the needs of your end-customers.

To find out more about NBN aggregation on the iBoss platform, speak to your Symbio account manager or enquire online.

ACMA & INMS changes for 1300/1800 numbers - Explained

There has been some coverage in the media recently about the shiny new ACMA numbering system, which has raised plenty of questions among providers. We have received numerous enquiries from customers about the scope of changes and whether they mean reduced costs or faster delivery.

Let's have a look at what the ACMA and INMS changes really mean for you.

Same, but different

The numbering function that used to be handled by INMS is now separated into two components: with the ACMA handling allocation of numbers, and INMS providing activation of numbers and still looking after number porting.

However, that's about it. There is no real change, the costs remain high, and the process is still bogged down with the same issues. 

 Numbering industry changes

The cost for a new number for the industry remains the same (or 50c higher to be precise), but is now comprised of two parts: the $15 INMS component plus the direct ACMA component.

To further the interests of our wholesale customers, Symbio has consistently advocated for numbering industry change, including submissions of feedback to the regulator both directly and via Communications Alliance.

For those who want to understand more, detailed information is available at XYZ and XYZ.

We will continue to provide updates on any future changes. In the meantime, if you'd like to find out more about number hosting and porting with Symbio Networks, speak to your Symbio account manager or enquire online.

Meet our team at CommsDay Congress, Melbourne

Meet the team at the CommsDay Melbourne Congress this October, proudly sponsored by iBoss, Symbio's aggregation & enablement platform. Look out for the iBoss stand and say 'hi' to our team.

When: 13-44 October 2015

Where: Langham Hotel in Melbourne, Australia

The event programme includes a range of interesting speakers, including Rene Sugo, CEO of Symbio parent company MNF Group. Mr Sugo’s presentation will bring to light the contentious issue of toll fraud, and the latest innovation in toll fraud prevention - TollShield, developed by MNF Group. Set to save Telcos millions in lost revenue, TollShield is the world’s first SaaS toll fraud mitigation platform able to detect and block fraud in real-time.

As the Gold sponsor of the event, iBoss is hosting the official CommsDay cocktail function on day 1 of the Congress, so be sure to visit us if you are there.

 CommsDay Summit 2015 sponsored by iBoss

Staff Profile: Sean Barkley, Head of Products

1. What is your role?

I am responsible for the Product Team across the Australian arm of the MyNetFone Group, including Symbio. The team includes Product Managers, Product Development Managers, Business Analysts and a Business Intelligence Team. 

2. What do you love about it? 

After working for large organisations (with a lot of red tape), I enjoy seeing people coming to work in a friendly environment, empowered to get things done quickly and efficiently, and able to see the results of their effort in the near term. 

3. What about life before joining our wonderful team?

I've been in this industry for around 26 years with stints at Telstra (Service Delivery, Engineering) and US telco Verizon (previously Worldcom) looking after Service Delivery and then Product Management of Voice/VoIP/UC across Asia Pacific.  

Staff Profile - Symbio newsletter

4. What do you do to kick back & relax?

Apart from acting as a taxi for my kids, I am also on the Board of a Rugby Leagues Club near Parramatta, which I enjoy as it is a very community/family focused club where everyone knows everyone else.  

5. One rule to live by?

Look for the positive in every situation. 





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