Symbio APIs for voice communications 


Symbio cloud communications platform - Embed voice calling in your app or software

Add voice calling and Telco capability to your app, software or Unified Communications service. Symbio provides you with the programmatic building blocks to create amazing call experiences.


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Cloud communications platform


The Symbio cloud communications platform empowers developers to connect their software to the national phone network. With the Symbio platform, you don't need to worry about infrastructure, carrier contracts or capacity planning. Our comprehensive REST services make it easy to design, program and scale voice-enabled software in Australia and New Zealand.

Symbio APIs let you integrate and manage IP-based calling capability, and deliver voice calls over our smart, globally-interconnected network.


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Embed voice calling in your software with the Symbio smart network + APIs


Telco capabilities 'on tap' for developers


Enable inbound calls via the Symbio cloud communications platform

AU/NZ inbound

Receive incoming calls, to an Australia / New Zealand local or toll free number, from callers anywhere in the world. 


Make outbound calls vis the Symbio cloud communications platform

Global outbound

Make outbound calls, from Australia / New Zealand, to voice apps, landline phones and mobiles anywhere in the world.


Access granular data feeds via the Symbio cloud communications platform


Extract insights from granular data feeds - such as caller ID, SZU, MoLI, call type and call duration - in near real-time. 


Provision voice services via the Symbio cloud communications platform

Create / delete

Instantly create, provision, scale and remove voice services. We make it easy to manage your subscriber base.


Automate number porting via the Symbio cloud communications platform

Number porting

Enable customers to use their existing Australia / New Zeland landline or mobile numbers with your service.


Manage PBX and routing features via the Symbio cloud communications platform

Business features

Create custom call flows for business and enterprise, including line hunt groups, geo-routes and auto-attendant.


Parse telco billing details via the Symbio cloud communications platform

Billing feed

Display billing information in your own portal, including customer invoices, payment records and call data records.


Parse customer support ticketing via the Symbio cloud communications platform

Support feed

Enable customer support requests to flow through to Symbio, and progress updates to display in your own portal.



Symbio Australia-New Zealand network


Build on Australia's smart network


By choosing Symbio, you gain access to Australia's largest IP communications network, plus extensive mobile and international coverage through our carrier interconnects.

Our smart, carrier-grade voice network is engineered to be massively scalable, utterly reliable and easy to connect with. Little wonder we are the regional carrier of choice for major software vendors, OTT providers and app developers.

Symbio is more than a platform. As a leading network operator, we have the expertise to go beyond the cloud. If you have a presence in Australia or New Zealand, we can extend your existing capabilities with number inventory, managed SIP trunks, co-location, IP transit and carrier preselection.


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