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Enable Voice in your App or Over-The-Top (OTT) service. Acquire numbers, capture call data and deliver premium quality calls across any device or network.


Symbio is the only Australia-New Zealand Voice carrier with the vision and courage to support the new frontier of telecommunications.


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New-generation IP Voice network

Symbio is a software company specialising in Voice communications. We own and operate Australia's largest IP Voice (VoIP / SIP) network. It covers all regions of Australia and New Zealand, and is interconnected with more than 20 major carriers worldwide. This means your users can make or receive phone calls worldwide, without the normal limitations of a regular fixed line phone service.


Automatic routing by most efficient path

At the heart of our Voice service is a clever technology that picks the best value path and closest call termination point anywhere in the world. This automatically optimises call cost and quality. So you're always delivering a premium calling experience, at minimum cost.

Worldwide inbound and outbound calling | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Hosted DID and Toll Free Phone Numbers | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Connect more users with Virtual Phone Numbers

Acquire new Australian and New Zealand numbers

Numbers are the key to building rich Voice experiences. Symbio wholesales Toll Free and Landline Phone Numbers suitable for Australian and New Zealand users. All numbers are hosted in the Cloud - so your users aren't constrained by their location or device. And, if required, numbers can be masked or customised with branding. 


Easily 'Port' existing numbers into the Cloud

If users wish to bring their existing numbers to your service (called Number Porting), Symbio makes it easy. Our powerful porting tool simplifies and streamlines the process of moving inbound, landline or mobile numbers to the Cloud.

Access detailed, programmable data feeds

Call data for apps, OTT services and software

Symbio makes it possible to extract a data feed from each active phone service (number or endpoint). This information can be used to populate your own in-App analytics or be retained for internal analysis or compliance. Raw data can be exported in a variety of formats, and collection parameters can be programmed to suit your needs.

Call data records for Software Developers and Apps | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Co-Location of Data Services in Australia and New Zealand | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Put data horsepower behind your call capability

Co-location for premium Voice quality

To ensure a premium, low-latency call experience, Symbio recommends deploying a dedicated Voice services connection in one of our Co-Location Facilities in Australia or New Zealand. These very secure hosting environments can house your Primary or Redundant servers and provide a dedicated high-speed cross-connection to our Voice network and databases. Everything you need for global, high-performance calls processing.


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  • Data Feeds & Lookup
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