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Cut out the middle-man. Take control of your communications capability with direct access to wholesale services and global carriage.


Symbio provides Voice, Numbering and Data Enablement for large-scale and high-capacity contact solutions. The reliable service behind global service.


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Make and receive Voice calls at massive scale

High-capacity Australia-New Zealand network 

The Symbio Voice network is a scalable, high-capacity backbone for global customer service. Our interconnected network covers 100% of Australia and New Zealand. And, through global interconnects, supports extended (off network) coverage around the world. This carrier-grade infrastructure already underpins major Asia-Pacific call centres - delivering Billions of Voice minutes per annum. A rock-solid foundation for high-volume calling.


Clever inbound and outbound routing

With Symbio, inbound and outbound carriage is automatically optimised: to reduce cost and maximise quality. This delicate balance is achieved through proprietary technologies which actively monitor and manage call traffic.

Our Global Routing System (GRS) leverages 300,000+ hosted endpoints, and global interconnects, to ensure that every call is originated and terminated by the most efficient path. It is a more resilient method of routing, and can improve call quality. Moreover, all 'on network traffic is automatically protected by toll fraud mitigation, saving you thousands in unrecoverable losses. All together, these innovative technologies can dramatically reduce the cost and risk of operation.


Very large-scale call origination and termination | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Wholesale DID and Toll Free Phone Numbers | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Australia-New Zealand Numbering Services


Inbound and localised dialling plans

Provide a dedicated point of contact for Australian or New Zealand customers with local toll free numbers (13, 1300 or 1800) that route calls to International contact center locations. Or for local operations, use a custom Enterprise Dialling Plan to distribute large blocks of Australian or New Zealand DIDs across your organisation. Our carrier-grade routing systems can support complex structures and multi-site operations, with no limit on number of users or locations.


Easy number management in the Cloud

Symbio's unique Number Porting Tool makes it easy to port existing numbers to Symbio's secure Cloud. This allows you to create and manage a large inventory of phone numbers, without paying for phone lines you don't need yet.

Ascend the steepest traffic peaks with Voice Burst

An end-to-end solution for high-burst traffic

Symbio Voice Burst is a unique service designed for contact centres needing to manage unpredictable traffic peaks. This is particularly acute for special-purpose inbound / outbound operations. Such as emergency recovery centres, campaign offices or charity phone-a-thons.

Voice Burst ensures a high-availability low-contention Voice connection, specifically engineered to sustain massive peaks at times when all other IP capacity is in demand. This powerful service can be scaled, as needed, to sustain multiple lines, multiple locations and longer traffic peaks. All while maintaining premium quality and absolute reliability.


Wholesale Voice for large-scale, high burst call center traffic | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand


Co-Location and Cross-Connection of Call Center Data Assets | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Scalable, low-touch Data Enablement


Co-locate or cross-connect

Typically, a contact centre operator will deploy a 'localised' PBX or switch to help process their massive call volumes. With Symbio, you can either co-locate or cross-connect your data assets. This service is available throughout Australia and New Zealand, within selected hosting facilities (and via some Peering services). These secure facilities are designed for mission-critical operations and can be virtually or physically scaled to accommodate your operational needs.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

In addition to hardware co-location, we can provide you with a robust IP Transit connection (copper and fibre) to assist with high-capacity Voice traffic delivery and network redundancy. Furthermore, you can combine our IP Transit and Co-Location capabilities for very low-touch Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).


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