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Symbio Solutions for Global Carriage


Go direct-to-carrier in Australia and New Zealand. Build and scale growth with premium quality, in-country carriage and Voice services. 


Let Symbio support your Asia-Pacific ambitions. Only Symbio has the experience, technology and scale to partner with Tier 1 market leaders.


Partner with Symbio

Deliver Billions of calls across Australia and New Zealand

Interconnected Australia-New Zealand network 

Symbio owns and operates Australia's largest IP Voice network, delivering complete coverage throughout Australia and New Zealand. Globally interconnected, our network already delivers Billions of Voice minutes, with plenty of headroom for international scale.

Engineered for the rigours of global carriage, our network is uniquely enhanced with innovative technology that delivers greater performance and more resilient carriage. Reliable, modern infrastructure that can easily compliment your current capability. A strong technical foundation for global leaders moving into the Australian and New Zealand markets.  


Enhanced call termination and origination

Network capability is just the start. Our call termination and call origination services use our best-in-class Global Routing System (GRS)  to deliver calls using the most efficient, highest quality path to the receiver. This lowers latency and improves Voice quality. And, with interconnection to all major Australian networks, plus millions of 'on net' VoIP end-points and numbers, Symbio is uniquely equipped to provide more seamless, conversion-free termination. 


Wholesale Voice for Global Tier 1 Carriers | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand


Acquire More Customers with Wholesale Numbers and Managed Services | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Unlock customer growth in Australia & New Zealand


Acquire local, mobile and toll-free numbers

Forward-looking carriers know that 'unlocking' phone numbers is the key to customer acquisition. That's why we created a low-friction Number Porting Solution. It eliminates the temporal and technological constraints imposed by incumbents, increasing the speed and transparency of the porting process. 

Symbio also wholesales Australian and New Zealand numbers: local DIDs and Toll-Free (1800 / 0800) phone numbers. All numbers are hosted in the Symbio Cloud, allowing flexible management across international boundaries.


Market-ready managed services

Move into the Business and Enterprise markets with a suite of proven Voice and Fax managed services. Such as SIP trunks (certified for Microsoft Lync), SIP end-points and Virtual Fax subscriptions. All services are market-ready, and can be sold as-is, or used to enable your own valued-added over-the-top communication services.

Voice and Fax services are expertly managed to ensure continuous operation, and delivered using our own carrier-grade infrastructure. Managed services interwork with the Symbio software ecosystem, including TollShield® Fraud Mitigation and iBoss® Mobile (MVNE) enablement

Built-in toll fraud protection


Last year, the global telecommunications industry lost over $46 Billion to international toll fraud. To counter this emerging criminal threat, all Voice traffic through our core network is verified with TollShield® toll fraud mitigation

TollShield® technology detects and blocks fraudulent traffic in real-time, preventing costly toll revenue loss. For end-to-end protection, TollShield® can be deployed 'as-a-service' within your network.

Reduce fraudulent revenue loss with integrated TollShield Toll Fraud Mitigation | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand


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Symbio delivers high quality, full-service Voice capability for Tier 1 networks. Discuss your needs with our Global Carriage experts.


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