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Symbio Solutions for Service Providers


Build on your existing capability with Symbio. Offer a complete, highly-scalable fixed Voice service throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Symbio Networks is the only alternative carrier with the infrastructure, technology and deep experience to help CSPs succeed.


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Build on your capability with carrier-grade infrastructure

Australia's largest IP Voice network 

Deliver Voice services with exceptional quality and absolute reliability. Leverage our fully interconnected, carrier-grade network to compliment or extend your current Voice capabilities.

Our network provides complete, in-country coverage throughout Australia and New Zealand. Engineered using modern IP infrastructure, our network enables very high-volume call termination and origination to landlines and mobiles in Australia and New Zealand. Modern and scalable, our network stands alone as a credible alternative to the outdated incumbents. 


Intelligent savings through innovation

Carrier-grade performance does not mean unattainable cost. Symbio uses innovative software and clever automation to reduce the burden of communications service delivery. For example, our Global Routing System (GRS) delivers every call by the most efficient path - automatically ensuring lowest cost and highest quality. And we proactively safeguard CSPs from fraudulent revenue loss with TollShield® - our proprietary Toll Fraud Mitigation service.


Access innovative, carrier-grade call termination services | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Wholesale Managed Services and Wholesale Number Porting | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Deliver value-added Voice and Numbering services

Access a full Carrier service suite

Mix-and-match from our suite of managed Voice and Fax services, including managed SIP trunks (certified for Microsoft Lync), managed endpoints and Virtual Fax subscriptions. We can also enable Carrier Pre-selection with the flexibility to support switchless (outbound and inbound), call collection (outbound only) or custom routing.


Acquire and transfer phone numbers

Another innovation is our Number Porting Tool, exclusively available to our partner CSPs. The porting tool streamlines the process of transferring numbers between local carriers, and moving TDM (legacy) numbers to IP (the Cloud). Once ported, numbers are securely maintained in the Symbio Cloud.

In addition to porting existing numbers, CSPs can acquire new Toll Free numbers and local DID numbers - regionalised for Australia or New Zealand. All numbers are seamlessly hosted in the Symbio Cloud.

Simplify your data infrastructure


Co-locate or cross-connect

Data Enablement through direct connection can reduce service costs, improve quality and assist with network diversity and redundancy. Symbio has a presence in secure data centres throughout Australia and New Zealand, where CSPs can cross-connect or co-locate their hardware assets (such as servers, PBXs and switches). Robust data connections are also available through major peering exchanges. 

Co-location is suitable for CSPs wishing to minimise infrastructure investment by 'sharing' rack space. In addition, CSPs can add dedicated bandwidth with an IP Transit link to their co-located or cross-connected infrastructure. Moreover, for a very low-touch deployment, IP Transit and Co-Location can be combined as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Co-Locate Data Assets or Virtualise with IaaS | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand


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Build your service capability with the scale, efficiency and innovation of Symbio. Discuss your needs with our Carriage Service experts.


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