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Symbio Networks iBoss platform empowers any organisation to start and scale a modern telecommunications business.


Designed for organisations without infrastructure or expertise, Symbio iBoss is the secret weapon of tomorrow's Virtual Service Providers.


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Create or expand your own Telco brand

A complete white label solution

The Symbio iBoss platform is a state-of-the-art aggregation and enablement solution. It allows you to sell Voice and Data services from all major Australian networks. You'll enjoy comprehensive carrier access, competitive wholesale rates and a streamlined service delivery process. It's a complete and scalable solution for Telco entrepreneurs. We provide the tools, services and processes  - you bring own brand and marketing.

Get your brand to market sooner

iBoss eliminates the need to negotiate contracts or build interconnected infrastructure, which can take months and cost thousands. It empowers entrepreneurs with wholesale pricing power and comprehensive network coverage. So you can sell popular Telco services under your own brand, at your own margins.




Whitelabel Telco aggregation and enablement platform | iBoss by Symbio

Symbio Wholesale Voice and Data service aggregation for Virtual CSPs | iBoss by Symbio

Sell Voice, Internet and Mobile services


Access Telco services from the entire market

The iBoss platform aggregates communication services through integration with major Carriage Service Providers. So you can simplify and streamline the process of developing a viable carriage agreement. iBoss makes it easy to sell fixed Voice (PSTN and VoIP), broadband (DSL and 'naked' ULL) and NBN into the business or residential markets.

iBoss also supports Mobile Virtual Network Enablement (MVNE) for service providers wishing to make the most of their pre-existing Mobile Carriage agreements.

Easily acquire customer phone numbers

Moreover, you can access our Number Porting Tool and Number Hosting services. So you can knock down the 'barrier' of acquiring existing phone numbers, and more easily move customers onto your services. It's a simpler and smarter way to break into the Australian communications market.

Streamline customer billing and service management

Carrier-grade back office systems

Signing-up customers is just the start. The core iBoss platform can be extended with range of business support systems and operational support systems to help you run your Telco business. These modular add-ons take the 'busywork' out of your day-to-day operations. Key functions include one-touch provisioning, automated billing and customer management.


Comprehensive modular deployment

iBoss BSS and OSS Modules are interchangeable, and can be added as a complete 'end-to-end' solution - or can be mixed and matched to accommodate your existing business systems. All iBoss modules are provided with expert setup and user on-boarding. Moreover, your business will be comprehensively supported by our team of developers and success managers. So you're never left on your own.

BSS and OSS Enablement Platform for Virtual CSPs | iBoss by Symbio


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