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Symbio Solutions for Wholesalers


Symbio Networks provides a full suite of wholesale-ready services. Plus, low-touch management tools that get you to market sooner.


Delivering Billions of Voice minutes per annum, Symbio offers wholesalers the scale and simplicity to move boldly into the future.


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Modern IP network with global interconnects

Symbio is a major provider of wholesale Voice minutes. Our carrier-grade network directly interconnects with Australian, New Zealand and major international carriers. This gives us global reliability. And it gives you more flexibility. Wholesale partners are able to access competative pricing no matter the nature, scale or structure of supply. 

Each year we deliver Billions of Voice minutes. We can provide call termination and origination across our own network and globally, via interconnected networks. Should you require ad-hoc data capability, such as for a backhaul or enabling service, secure co-location and high-capacity IP Transit are also available.


Supply arrangements that work harder for you

Uniquely open and innovative, Symbio is a new generation of carrier. We continuously invest in R&D to create permanent cost-efficiencies in supply. With automation (helping you get to market sooner) and by making our network smarter.

Like using the most efficient call path to maximise call quality and margin. Or preventing revenue loss by blocking toll fraud in real time. And our innovation doesn't end with technology. By partnering with Symbio, you leverage our relationships and economies of scale. We are open and flexible. So you spend less time negotiating: more time building your business. 


Wholesale call termination across Australia, New Zealand and the World | Symbio Networks Wholesale Voice services

Wholesale Carrier Preselection and Wholesale DID Numbers | Symbio Networks Australia and New Zealand

Low-touch. High margin. Just how business should be.

DIDs and Porting. Automated. Accelerated.

Numbering shouldn't be a burden on your business. With Symbio, number allocation and porting can become a major revenue driver. Wholesale partners can access our best-in-class software: streamlining the movement and verification of Australian DIDs, Mobile, Fax and Toll Free (13/1300/1800) numbers. Originally developed for carriers, this tool automates and accelerates the wholesale numbering process. Saving time. Saving money.


Flexible Pre-Select and Override

Carrier Pre-Select and Override enables wholesalers to take advantage of market-competitive call rates on their current PSTN & ISDN services. So you can maxmise profit, without needing to invest in additional infrastructure. Moreover, CPS and Override can be tailored to suit your business needs. We can support both 'switchless' (inbound and outbound) and 'call collection' (inbound only) routing. 


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Wholesale carrier-quality Voice and Data services with fewer barriers to market. Discuss your needs with our Wholesale experts.


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